Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Any recommendation for the browser?
A. Some functions may not be shown probably depending on browsers.

In order for the users to feel safe to use our service, we recommend using the following browsers.
Please use the latest version for all the browsers.

Internet Explorer 11.0and higher
chrome 46.0 and higher
Firefox 41.0 and higher

Safari 9.0 and higher
chrome 46.0 and higher
Firefox 41.0 and higher

Moreover, we recommend using a minimum effective resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.
Please enable Javascript in your browser. Please be advised that if you use a browser or device which is not included in the list above,
Some functions may not be used.
Q. The page cannot be displayed.
A. Try the following:

・Close the browser.
・Refresh the page.
・If it still does not work, please contact us through the form from the URL stated below.

Function English
Please let us know the following details when you make an enquiry.
(1) The error page
(2) The details of error
(3) The type of browser and version
(4) OS
Q. There is character corruption.
A. If you use the half-width katakana or platform dependent characters, there is a chance of character corruption.
It can be solved by changing the character encodings to “EUC”.

(1) Right click on the browser
(2) Click Encoding
(3) Click [Japanese (Automatic)]

(1) Click [View]
(2) Click Encoding
(3) Click [Japanese (Automatic)]
Q. Can I use CAPPUCCINO even though I do not have Japanese nationality?
A. We are welcome to all even though the persons who do not have Japanese nationality.


Q. Will you protect our privacy?
A. Barclay Global Consulting & Internet Inc. acts as a company to handle the information of job and job searching. We collect, use and protect users’ personal information probably. In order to let all the users be assured to find jobs and engage in job hunting activities, we lay down “Terms and Privacy” and notify all our staff to handle personal information carefully.
Please read through the “Terms and Privacy”.

Terms and Privacy
Q. In what case will the personal information be released to companies?
A. When you apply for a job, all the personal information including the information stated in the resume will be disclosed to the corresponding company.

※Personal information refers to all the information in the resume including name, date of birth, address, telephone number (mobile/home/company), E-mail.

Sign up/Login

Q. Is it free of charge to register as a member?
A. The member registration of Cappuccino.com is free.
It is also free to use our service and we will not charge you any fees even after registered as a member.
Q. No E-mail from Cappuccino.com is received after registered as a member.
A. If no confirmation E-mail is received 30 minutes after member registration, the reasons below can be considered.

a. A wrong Email address has been submitted.

As there is a typing mistake of your Email,
you cannot receive an Email from “Cappuccino.com” due to this reason.
Please check it again.

b. The Email is being automatically sent to the spam box or the trash box.

If you use the free Email such as yahoo and google,
there may be some cases that the Email from “Cappuccino.com” is being sent to the spam box or the trash box
Please check the spam box or the trash box of your Email and see whether there is an Email or not.

c. The email might be rejected due to the setting of domain.

The email from “Cappuccino.com” may not be received due to the setting of domain of mailer.
There may be some reasons from the filter setting of mailer and the safety list of sender. In order to receive the Email from “@cappuccino-b.com”, please remove the “@cappuccino-b.com” from the blocked senders setting
Q. I want to change the registered Email address.
A. Please view the “Change the registered information” page after you log in to “My Page”.
Since the first registered Email address is being saved, please enter the new address you want to change and save.
Q. Please tell me the methods of changing the registered information.
A. Please change the registered information through the URL below.

Change the registered information
Q. I forgot my password.
A. If you forgot your password, reset it please.

Click the “Login” button on the TOP Page, there is “Forgot your password?” on the lower part of the page. Click it and the page will come out for you to enter your registered Email address. So, please click “Submit” after you enter your registered Email address.
Then, we will send you the URL for changing your password to your registered Email address.
You can change your password through the URL stated in the Email.
If you registered with Facebook account, click here and make an enquiry to the service centre.
Q. I want to remove the link up with Facebook.
A. Please resign the current account and register with Email account again
In addition, please be advised that all the registered information will be deleted if you resign your membership.
It may take about 1 week to complete the process of resignation.


Q. I want to apply for a job.
A. If you want to apply for a job posted on Cappuccino.com, please click the “Apply for this job” button and fill in all the required items.
The human resources staff of the company will contact you after confirming the application.
Q. I want to cancel the entry (application).
A. It cannot be cancelled once the entry (application) has been submitted.
If you want to cancel the entry, please contact the staff of the company directly.
Q. There is no reply from the company that I applied.
A. Since we commend the contacts to applicants to the judgement from the company, and our service is just to provide a medium for the company to post the job information, we will not involve into the contact of both parties (applicants and company)
For the questions during waiting for the reply from company, please contact the company directly.
Please be advised that if there are many applicants, it may take time to reply applications depending on company.
Q. Can I check if I succeeded in applying for the job?
A. For checking whether your application was sent to the company correctly or not, please view the “Application history” in My Page.
The application is completed if the company name is being shown after the application history is being saved.
Q. I want to edit the resume after application. Will it be resent to the company automatically?
A. No E-mail will be resent again to the company again even if the resume is being edited after application.
The system of our service is not to send the resume to the company directly, but they access and read the resume saved in the database by themselves.
If they access the resume of applicants saved in the database, they can always view the latest profile and the working experience history of applicants.
Q. After application (enquiry), there is no confirmation Email from Cappuccino.com.
A. There is a possibility that the Email address is wrongly entered if no confirmation Email is received. Therefore, please enter the correct Email address to apply it (make an enquiry) again.
Q. In what way should I reply the company?
A. Please reply the company via “Application management” after login.
Click the subject in the inbox and click the “Reply” button at the bottom of the page to reply.
Q. Can the content of the sent mail be edited or cancelled?
A. The mail cannot be edited or cancelled once the message is being sent.
If there is any mistake found in the mail, please send the correct one again.


Q. As I want to resign membership, please delete all the registered date.
A. All the registered information will be deleted after resigning membership.
You can proceed to “Change the registered information” under “My page” and click “Resign your membership”.
※Please note that all the information such as saved resume, applications and messages will be deleted   if you resign your membership.