Privacy policy

1. Purpose of the use of personal information

CAPPUCCINO only collects and uses your personal information for the following purposes.
・Providing you with the Site services
・The management such as the contract management after the provision of the Service, the support and laws and regulations towards the inquiry
・The business activities related to the service of CAPPUCCINO
・The recruitment and employment of employee and human resources management

2. About disclosure to third parties

CAPPUCCINO may assign cooperated third parties to operate and manage the service of CAPPUCCINO or handle the use and management of personal information of users.
In this case, the consignee which is above or same as BGC&I’s personal information management system or shall be chosen. Moreover, BGC&I shall take the responsibility to the consignee’s use of personal information.

3. Joint use

Since CAPPUCCINO is an international organization, all the personal information collected through CAPPUCCINO site only provide to appropriate companies all over the world that have signed the non-disclosure agreement with CAPPUCCINO and only be used when needed within the purpose of use limitation.

4. About the procedures of disclosure, amendment, delete of personal information

CAPPUCCINO responds to the disclosure, amendment, addition, delete and suspension of the use of personal information based on the request of individuals.
In this case, we verify the identity by the designated method.

5.About the compliance with laws and regulations

When using the personal information (specific information that can be used to identify or locate an individual and same definition for the following), we comply with the laws and regulations that protect personal information and the guidelines established.

6. About the implementation of safety management

CAPPUCCINO maintains appropriate safeguards to assist us in protecting the personal information we collect against loss, destruction, alteration, disclosure etc.

7.About the improvement of continued information management

CAPPUCCINO keeps improving the management of personal information protection.