Terms of service

This agreement is the consent matter for the use of the service “Cappuccino.com” provided by Barclay Global Consulting & Internet Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “BGC&I”) Please read carefully before you use the Service.

※Cappuccino.com is operating under the laws and regulations of the operating country Japan. Even though there may be related to the countries or areas outside Japan, we shall not promise the laws and regulations of such countries and areas are appropriate. Users must take the responsibilities when accessing and using Cappuccino.com and obey the laws and regulations of the users’ countries or areas.

When using Cappuccino.com

  1. “Cappuccino.com” (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”) is a general term referred to the recruitment information site (http://cappuccino-b.com) that our company provides for the job hunting on the internet, the related site and the Email delivery service from such sites, and other job recruitment support service.
  2. “User” refers to the individual who use this service.
  3. Please use the Service with the users’ wishes and responsibilities. Moreover, the users shall take all the responsibility that related to the use.
  4. Users shall agree to all the details in the Terms and Conditions of Use before using this service. It is deemed that users accept Terms and Conditions of Use once they start to use the Service.
  5. If we judge that there is improper use of this service, we will temporarily suspend the provision of the Service to the user or expel the user without prior notice. There is a case we reject you using this service.

ID and password

  1. Users shall be issued ID and password.
  2. Users shall be held liable for the management of the ID and password issued and users must ensure that this information is not disclosed to any third parties.

Submission of documents

If we require the following documents, users shall send to us immediately.

  1. Identity verification documents for confirming the users.
  2. The Residence Card or the Certificate of Authorized Employment for confirming the visa status.
  3. Documents of certifications that requested by our company or the company you applied.

Users’ responsibility

  1. Users shall provide accurate personal information that is without any incomplete and contradictory information to the BGC&I and the Recruiters. If there are any disputes occurred between the Recruiters and other third parties due to the information provided by the users to BGC&I and the Recruiters such as inaccurate personal information, users shall cope with it with their own responsibility and guarantee that they shall not cause troubles to BGC&I.
  2. Users shall have a responsibility to confirm and check the labour condition and other details of the contract with the Recruiters directly before signing the contract. Users shall accept the labour condition provided by us will not be guaranteed in the details of such contract eventually.
  3. Users shall inform BGC&I in advance if they proceed to a particular employment screening and get an offer from the Recruiters through the introduction of the Service regardless of the use of the Service.

Prohibited matters

The purpose of this service is for helping the individual users in job hunting, and at the same time supporting the companies for searching for best talent. Therefore, any behaviour interrupting these purposes intentionally is prohibited.
BGC&I shall have its own rights to decide which behaviour violates the use of the site and terminate the use of the Service of the users who violate the prohibited behaviour.
The followings are just some of the examples for the prohibited matters only which include, but are not limited to:

  1. fraud or providing false information
  2. copyright, trade mark, privacy right, portrait right, reputation, property and other intellectual properties infringement
  3. defamation and name calling to individuals or groups
  4. criminal act or the behaviours violated the public policy such as violating the laws or the behaviours may cause such things
  5. antisocial behaviours
  6. behaviours that disturb the operation of the Service or injure the reliability of BGC&I or the behaviours may cause such things
  7. the behaviours exceed the range of other private uses, copying, selling and publishing through the service of the Service and the behaviours that use and provide in any business or illegal purpose
  8. Attempting, searching or violating the authorization system and security of the Service without legal authority
  9. Attempting or accessing the private data of the users of the Service or private accounts without legal authority

Termination of service

  1. If there is any of the followings happened, BGC&I can change the details of the Service, the period of the provision of the Service or terminate the provision of the Service without prior notice to the users.
    1. there is urgent necessity, routine maintenance, inspection or update related to the infrastructure and the system for providing the Service
    2. sudden breakdown of the system etc.
    3. other difficulties in providing the Service caused by unforeseeable happenings
  2. BGC&I can end the provision of the Service without prior notice to the users if any of the followings happens to the users.
    1. violation of the items in the Agreement by the users
    2. the fiduciary relationship cannot be maintained between BGC&I and the users determined by BGC&I
  3. If BGC&I determine that there is a necessity other than the items stated above, BGC&I can terminate or end the Service anytime without prior notice to the users.

Responsibility of BGC&I

  1. BGC&I shall not take any responsibilities related to users’ application to the Service, or the mental and property loss caused by the use of the Service.
  2. BGC&I shall not take any responsivities for the uncontrollable virus suffering under a reasonable and usual virus measure in information handling, other inevitable accidents such as fire, interruption of power supply, natural disasters, the problems occurred in the provision of the Service or the provision of the Service becomes difficult.
  3. BGC&I shall not guarantee the accuracy of the information such as the information of the third party, advertisement of the company, job advertisement and the information that provided by third parties to the user.
  4. BGC&I shall not guarantee there will be no defect such as error happened on the site, harmful elements such as virus in the server and defects in the infrastructure and the system in the provision of the Service.
  5. BGC&I shall not guarantee the success of employment using the Service.

Disclaimers related to the provision of third party

  1. BGC&I shall not take any responsibility related to the acquisition of personal information by the third party in the following situation.
    1. users use the Service and disclose and provide their personal information by themselves to particular Recruiters.
    2. the information provided by the users in the activity condition of the users being specified the real person accidentally
    3. users provide their personal information in the external website which is linked to the Service and such personal information is being used
    4. persons other than the user obtain the ID and password issued to the users which is not the responsibility of BGC&I
  2. BGC&I shall not take any responsibility about troubles caused by the provision of information between the users and the Recruiters.

Amendment or modification of the agreement of the Service

Users agree that this Agreement is subject to change if BGC&I has sufficient reasons and the changes caused by the amendment of this page.


If the user violates this agreement or do harm to our company, recruiters or any third parties, user shall indemnify all direct and indirect claims, costs, damages, losses and expenses.

Jurisdictional court

If there is any conflict between users and our company, Tokyo Summary Court or district courts will be regarded as the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first trial.

Conflict of laws

The conflict of laws of the conflict of the above regarded as the Law of Japan.

Supplementary provision

Supplementary provision: this agreement is being in force since 1st August, 2016.

The end